HES Bottled Water & World Water Supply

This week we are focusing on water as a final topic.

A.  We watched a documentary called ‘Tapped’ about bottled water.

Transcript from the movie:  Tapped

B.  Students will test water quality we collected.  Groups will record their information on a class table on the back board.

C.  In addition, each student needs to read articles for background information:

  1. Must be Something in the Water
  2. The violent Afterlife of a Recycled Plastic Bottle
  3. Top Ten Wars of the Future (Over War)
  4. Virginia Second-Worst State for Toxic Chemicals Dumped into its Waterways

D.  Water Taste Test Lab — students will taste test various waters and rate it on 5 characteristics.  Turn in the tray.

E.  Students will respond to this post with answers to the following questions using the articles their read as support:

Copy and paste the questions and insert answers as a response using the comment bubble at the top right corner of the post.  Place your name at the top.

  1.  What do you think makes a particular water taste the best?
  2. Which water you taste-tested was the best in your opinion and WHY?
  3. What is the water quality of the pond water?  Was that a surprise to you? (we will discuss in class Thursday/Friday)
  4. Is bottled water safer than tap water?
  5. Recalling the movie, what do you think about the corporations that are mining water from towns/cities?
  6. What were the most shocking things discussed in the movie, in your opinion?
  7. Which river is the most polluted in VA?
  8. What can be done to protect Virginia’s rivers?
  9. What factors cause an area to have the potential for conflict over water?
  10. What scenario(s) are the scariest in your opinion?
  11. How much plastic is actually being recycled?
  12. What will future people think of the plastic we have in landfills?
  13. Would you ever consider not using bottled water?  Why or why not?
  14. What is the most shocking thing your read about water supplies, water pollution, bottled water?

***I have truly enjoyed having you in my class — this semester has been great!




By DgriffithEVHS